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Additional accessibility information for can be found Accessibility Statement page.

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Support for impaired mobility - Access Keys
  • ALT plus 0 links to the page you are reading now
  • ALT plus 1 links to the home page
  • ALT plus 2 skips to the main content
  • ALT plus 3 skips to the top menu
  • ALT plus N skips to the left hand side navigation
Support for impaired vision - screen readers
We include a number of capabilities designed explicitly for visitors using screen readers. Each of these capabilities are spoken by the leading screen readers, but most are not displayed on the PC screen. They include:
  • All pages include the usual skip navigation links which skip over all navigation elements
  • All pages include a list of the access keys available for the page
  • All pages include "landmarks" which define the "start of" the different sections of a page, such as masthead, left navigation, main content, and sidebar.

The structure of all pages has been improved by ensuring the use of proper heading tags for sections of the page. All screen reader programs offer a method for listing all headings on a page. Consult the help for your screen reader to determine the correct command to list all headings.
Support for impaired - low vision
We now accommodate easy text resizing in all modern browsers (IE release 5.5 or greater). If you use the Internet Explorer browser, select the View menu, then Text Size, then any of the choices that make reading more comfortable. If you use the Mozilla browser, select the View menu, then Text Zoom, then any of the choices that make reading more comfortable. We also include skip navigation link which is visible (in IE) near the left menu.
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