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Holiday Schedule: Apr 18
The Central YMCA will be open over the Easter Holidays. On Good Friday, April 18, we will be open from 8:00am - 6:00pm. Check out our modified schedule here. On Easter Monday, April 21, we will be open regular hours. Enjoy your long weekend! 
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Women's Recreational Sports Night

Mar 18 - Apr 24

Healthy Back 2014

Mar 31 - Apr 13

Locker Room Floor Refurbishment

Apr 20 - Apr 26

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Apr 7 - Sept

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Apr 10

Beginner Squash Clinic

Apr 10 - May 1

Tabata Training

Apr 16

Healthy Living Club

Apr 17 - Apr 22

Gymfloor Refurbishment

Apr 17 - Apr 22

WRAP Info Session 

Apr 25

First Aid Courses

Sarah's Story


I had been a member of the Y for six months when I decided to hire a trainer, and the first time I saw Ismail and his great smile, I knew he was the right person for me. We started working together one year ago this month, and I could not have predicted what a profoundly transformative process it would be.

My goals were to lose some weight, gain strength, and increase my balance. In our first session, I struggled with the simplest of exercises. I was in pain, out of breath, could barely follow instructions, and was mortified by my physical limitations. Ismail was extremely patient, encouraging and supportive. I could not do a single push up, and my mobility was hampered by an Achilles injury incurred ten years before that no amount of money or time at sports medicine clinics had been able to fix.

I started with two sessions a week, and with Ismail’s help, I set manageable goals and met them. When the weather warmed up, we worked out on the roof. After two months, I could do a lot of push-ups, my balance and core strength improved considerably, and I lost five pounds. Before I knew it, I was running, for the first time in a decade, and without pain! By the end of the summer, every aspect of my physical fitness had improved dramatically, and most importantly, I thought of myself as a fit person. I dropped six dress sizes and my strong calf muscles allowed me to wear heels! Friends commented that I was glowing. Everyone noticed a difference in how I looked and carried myself.

As amazing as all of this is, the most wonderful part of my training is the difference it has made to my happiness, and my sense of who I am. A life-long sufferer of depression, I gained a sense of emotional equilibrium, and resilience I have never known before. Regardless of the stresses in my life, I am happy. With hard work, and Ismail’s awesome support and positive energy, I am the very best person that I can be. Thank you Ismail!

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