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Frequently Asked Questions
1. How do I join the YMCA?
The YMCA has a variety of programs and services you can participate in. We have eight Health, Fitness and Recreation Centres in the Greater Toronto Area. You can visit us at any time for a tour and discover how easy it is to become a member.
2. Which YMCA is closest to me?
Check here to find the program and YMCA location near you.
3. Can the YMCA help me find employment?
Through our employment programs we help adults and youth learn about the career & employment opportunities available to them, and provide training in important job-related skills - such as teamwork and self-management. Find an Employment Resource Centre near you.
4. How do I volunteer with the YMCA?
There are five easy steps on the road to becoming a volunteer. 
5. How can I find employment with the YMCA?
The YMCA believes in: member involvement, collaborating and partnering with other organizations, a diverse and inclusive workplace, ethical and accountable management practices, a strong volunteer, staff partnership, a caring for the environment.  Working for the YMCA provides rewarding and meaningful job opportunities.  Find out how to apply now.
6. How do I find care for my child(ren)?
The YMCA offers licensed Child Care for children up to age 12 throughout the Greater Toronto Area.  Find a centre near you and contact us to find out more.
7. How do I donate to the YMCA?

Your support makes a real difference to the people in our community. Thanks to donors like you, children, youth, and families across Greater Toronto get the resources they need to learn and grow.

You can help us engage our youth to become leaders, welcome newcomers to Canada, and reach into our growing communities. Find out more about donating to the YMCA or donate now!

8. How do I register for summer camp?
We offer a number of summer camp options including overnight camps and day camps.  Check out our programs and register today. 
9. Does the YMCA offer overnight accommodations?
YMCA House serves young men aged sixteen to twenty-four who are homeless and/or street-involved.

We do not offer any other overnight accommodations.

10. How can I improve my English?
You can learn English for free or for a small fee through government funded programs. You can book an appointment for an English language assessment by calling (416) 925-5462
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