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Volunteer Application

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with the YMCA of Greater Toronto. Volunteers are important to the YMCA. We will do our best to place all volunteers who apply. If you are applying to become a volunteer, please be aware that due to the high volume of applications, it will take between 5-15 business days for one of our staff to contact you once your application has been received. Once you are contacted, our screening process generally takes 4-6 weeks to complete. Your patience is appreciated.

Upon completion of this online application, you will have two options. You can press Send to submit your application electronically. Alternatively, you can print your own copy of the form and drop it off at the location of your choice.

Personal Information
Please use MS Word or PDF format.
As part of ensuring your safety while at the YMCA, please provide an emergency contact.
Please list three references

Only one (1) may be a family member. Other suggestions include co-workers, teachers, religious leaders, supervisors from previous volunteer experience, past employers, etc...

Tell us a little about yourself
Knowing about you helps us find a volunteer job that is the right fit for you. Please take a moment to tell us something about yourself.
Please review the volunteer jobs available and indicate up to three roles you are interested in.
Based on the choices indicated above, which location would you like to volunteer at? (Please refer to the volunteer job description for the locations that offer that role. Not all locations offer all volunteer jobs.)
Mandated Volunteers
A mandated volunteer is someone who needs to volunteer to complete a required number of volunteer hours for a third party. If you are applying to complete a requirement, please complete this section. (Example: 40 hour high school credit, Ontario Works requirement, etc.)
If YES...
What is the timeframe to complete your volunteer hours/placement?
Please indicate when you would be available to volunteer during the week.
DayEveningNot available
DayEveningNot available
DayEveningNot available
DayEveningNot available
DayEveningNot available
DayEveningNot available
DayEveningNot available
A YMCA volunteer is anyone who, without expectation of compensation,
intentionally performs a task at the direction of or on behalf
of the YMCA of Greater Toronto.
I understand that prior to commencing my volunteer activity at the YMCA:

I will be asked to provide a Police Records Check (PRC) after I have had an interview with a YMCA staff member if I am 16 years of age or older.


I will receive orientation, training and screening specific to my volunteer position at the YMCA.

I will be trained on the Operating Policies and Procedures for YMCA Volunteers and the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act.

As a YMCA volunteer:

I am committed to supporting the YMCA Mission, Vision and Values.

I will be invited to become a voting member of the YMCA upon completing 25 hours of volunteer service per year for two consecutive years.

18 years of age or olderunder the age of 18 and my parent/guardian is aware that I'm submitting this application




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