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Become a Lifeguard: The Best Teen Job
YMCA LifeguardsWorking as a lifeguard is so much more than simply having a job. It lets you develop skills that you'll carry with you into adulthood. It teaches you responsibility. It challenges you. It makes you feel good about mastering one of the most demanding jobs for teenagers.

The YMCA can get you on track for a lifeguard career. The full 10-step process looks like this:

Basic First Aid
  1. Rookie Patrol / Star 5
  2. Ranger Patrol / Star 6
  3. Star Patrol / Master Swimmer
  4. Bronze Star – develop problem solving and decision making skills; learn CPR
  5. Emergency First Aid
  6. Bronze Medallion (you must be 13 years old or have your Bronze Star to take this course) – learn the four components of water-rescue education
  7. Bronze Cross (your need your Bronze Medallion and Emergency First Aid to take this course) – get an introduction to safe supervision and enjoy more advanced training
  8. Standard First Aid and CPR-C
  9. National Lifeguard Service (you must be 16 years old and have your Bronze Cross, Standard First Aid, and CPR-C to take this course) – gain a sound understanding of all the lifeguarding principles you need
  10. Our Automated, External Defibrillation course can also teach you how to operate a defibrillation machine. You must have your CPR-A certification to take this course

For more information, talk to your YMCA sales and service representative.

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