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Answers to Your Questions about YMCA Youth Programs
1. How do I join the YMCA?
The YMCA has a lot of programs and services you can participate in.  We have eight Health & Fitness Centres in the Greater Toronto Area.  You can visit us at any time for a tour or call us at 416-928-9622 for more information.  Learn more about all the ways you can become a member of the YMCA.
2. Which YMCA is closest to me?
We have eight Health & Fitness Centres in the Greater Toronto Area. There is one in each major area of the city.
3. Can the YMCA help me find a job?
Yes we can!  The YMCA has employment programs we help youth learn about the career & employment opportunities available to them, and provide training in important job-related skills - such as teamwork and self-management.
4. How do I volunteer with the YMCA?
There are five easy steps on the road to becoming a volunteer.
5. How can I work for the YMCA?
The YMCA believes in: member involvement, collaborating and partnering with other organizations, a diverse and inclusive workplace, ethical and accountable management practices, a strong volunteer, staff partnership, a caring for the environment.  Working for the YMCA provides rewarding and meaningful job opportunities.
6. What programs do you have for youth?
The YMCA offers plenty of programs for youth ranging from martial arts to leadership programs.
7. How do I register for summer camp?
You can register for YMCA camps by phone, by fax or online using YMCA eConnect.
8. Can the YMCA help me get my mandatory volunteer hours for school?
Yes! Volunteering is one way for youth to become engaged with us and achieve their high school volunteer hours.
9. Does the YMCA have overnight camps?
Yes we do!  The YMCA of Greater Toronto has two overnight camps: YMCA Camp Pine Crest and YMCA Camp Cedar Glen.
10. Does the YMCA have any leadership programs?
Yes!  We have a few different youth leadership programs to suit your needs. 
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