A host parent in front of cultural paintings with a beautiful young exchange student

SWSE Employers

“We’re grateful to be able to participate in the YMCA Summer Work Student Exchange. It’s always been a very positive experience for the students as well as us, the employer. The students work very hard and it’s always a pleasure to meet them and get to know them — we miss them when they leave!”

– SWSE Employer

Become a SWSE Employer

Each year, SWSE partners with over 400 non-profit and public sector organizations to provide meaningful jobs for program participants during the six weeks of the program.

Employers provide mentorship to 16– and 17-year-olds and support them in learning their second official language. This program is often the first real work experience for youth participants, and almost always the first time they experience working in their second language.

At the end of the program, employers are reimbursed for up to 210 hours at the provincial minimum wage for the youth’s employment.

Since the beginning of the program, participants have worked in a wide variety of settings including childcare and summer camps, museums and cultural centres, offices and seniors homes.

If you have questions about youth employment or if you would like to employ a SWSE participant, contact us.