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4 reasons to start training with the pros

27 January 2023 - by Zoja Popovic

The start of every new year is filled with potential and promise. For many, it’s also the start of a new health routine. But by the time we get to February and March, motivation starts to dwindle.

So how do we make lasting changes that stick with us all year long? Staying committed to your health and fitness goals is easier with expert guidance and support.

Here are four reasons why you should consider working with a personal trainer:

1. They remove the intimidation factor

Gyms can be intimidating places at first. Even if you are a regular on the elliptical, perhaps the other machines or free weights are feeling out of reach. Our personal trainers are equipment experts. Spending an hour with a trainer can be just the thing you need to get started with a variety of new tools and exercises. By challenging yourself with new equipment and techniques, you are more likely to stay engaged on your fitness journey.

2. They help you stay motivated & consistent

Staying motivated and being consistent are important parts of building lasting habits. Our members who work with personal trainers report increased motivation and we see them showing up week after week. Get a regular schedule going with your trainer and you’ll find it easier to continue to show up knowing that someone is waiting for you.

The next part of the motivation comes during the workout. Our trainers can help you challenge yourself while also making sure you achieve smaller goals and celebrate them. The feeling of accomplishment will keep you going!

Sometimes our minds are actually in the way of our success. A trainer can recognize when you are experiencing a mental block and push you beyond it and out of your comfort zone. Many people don’t realize how strong they actually are until they start training!

3. They keep track of your goals and help you achieve them

You know your overall goal, like getting stronger, building endurance or toning your body. But your chances of seeing results diminish without a specific goal and action plan. Your personal trainer will help you make a SMART goal: a specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound objective tailored to you and your unique body, mindset, and the workout style. After taking you through the steps needed to achieve your SMART goal, your trainer will help you set and accomplish another goal. That way, you’re always progressing toward a happier, healthier you.

4. They pass on exercise knowledge to you

Hitting the gym by yourself can involve a lot of guesswork. How long should a cardio workout be? How much weight should you lift? What should you eat before and after a workout?

Personal trainers know what they’re talking about. They’re required to complete certification programs, often have additional degrees where they learn the fundamentals of exercise science and are dedicated to staying knowledgeable about the latest health and fitness research. Your trainer will share their expertise with you, so think of this as exercise school. Pretty soon, that transfer of knowledge will be with you, and you’ll be able to fly solo in the conditioning room with confidence.

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