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AquaFit: Our Fifth Fitness Solution For Seniors

02 December 2015 - by Nicole Meredith
Physical activity is important for people of all ages, but it can be tough to find the type of exercise that’s right for you. At the YMCA, there are so many fitness options for seniors, you can try a new one every day of the week! This Friday, why not drop in to our 1:00 pm AquaFit class at the Mississauga Burnhamthorpe Road YMCA?

What is AquaFit?

This low impact group fitness class focuses on cardio, strength, and flexibility. Your instructor guides you through a series of movements that use water resistance to challenge various muscle groups. The exercises are gentle enough to be safe for participants of any fitness level, but will still challenge and tone your whole body.

How will I benefit?

You’ll notice huge improvements in your stamina and endurance after a few AquaFit classes, without the risk of injury that comes with high impact forms of cardio. When you exercise in water, your limbs are more buoyant, allowing you to get your heart rate up without straining your muscles and joints.

AquaFit also attracts tons of older members, which means you’ll have the opportunity to build new relationships with others who have similar interests. Exercising with friends is always more fun than working out alone, so you’ll also end up more excited about and committed to your routine.

How will my needs be met?

This low-impact class is the perfect introduction to cardio training for those who need to start slow. YMCA group fitness instructors have also been trained to modify exercises to meet your individual needs. Movements that are too challenging right now can be changed, allowing you to build up the strength and endurance needed for those more demanding exercises.

Make a splash at the Mississauga Burnhamthorpe Road YMCA this Friday at 1:00 pm! Let us know what your favourite part was – learning some new exercises, getting inspired by your instructor, or making some new acquaintances.

Don’t forget about all the other senior-friendly fitness options you can try. Explore your options by checking out the classes we hold every day of the week, and make yourself an exercise schedule that suits your needs:

[mks_icon icon="icon-book-open" color="#dd3333" type="sl"] Yoga Mondays

[mks_icon icon="icon-book-open" color="#dd3333" type="sl"] Tai Chi Tuesdays

[mks_icon icon="icon-book-open" color="#dd3333" type="sl"]  Morning Stretch Wednesdays

[mks_icon icon="icon-book-open" color="#dd3333" type="sl"]  BodyFit Walk Thursdays


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