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Find community and motivation with group fitness classes at the YMCA of Greater Toronto

09 November 2023 - by YMCA of Greater Toronto

“Group fitness classes at the Y are like confetti,” says Sherry Perez, Manager of Program Development at the YMCA of Greater Toronto. “They make our approach to fitness feel like more than a workout; each class is a celebration of our community.”

That’s part of what makes Y group fitness classes so special. Read on to learn more

The philosophy of group fitness at the Y

“Inclusivity is at the core of our group fitness philosophy,” says Sherry. “We strive to make sure everyone feels welcome and included.” Whether you are a first-timer, a seasoned athlete, or somewhere in between, you’ll be encouraged, engaged, and supported during the class.

As Sherry explains: “Sometimes throughout our fitness journey, no matter where we are in it, we’ll lack motivation — we feel uncomfortable and think to ourselves, ‘What am I even doing here?’ But in group fitness classes, you'll feel motivated, because there’s going to be someone beside you saying, ‘You’ve got this, keep going.’”

Sherry Perez, Manager of Program Development at the YMCA of Greater Toronto, rolls out a yoga mat for a group fitness class.Sherry Perez, Manager of Program Development at the YMCA of Greater Toronto

Types of group fitness classes at the Y

We have robust and comprehensive group fitness options. There are classes designed to improve endurance, build muscle, or increase flexibility and classes that are more of a hybrid experience.

Our classes are quite extensive, but some popular ones include YMCA Arriba and YMCA TotalFit. YMCA Arriba is a fun, dance-based cardio workout, and TotalFit combines cardio, strength training and core strengthening to give you a full-body burn in 45 minutes. Our different types of group classes include:

  • CycleFit
  • Bootcamp
  • YMCA TotalFit
  • Yoga (regular and Chair)
  • Bollywood
  • BodyFit (regular and Chair)
  • Mindfulness Meditation
  • Weights
  • YMCA Arriba
  • MuscleFit
  • FlowFit
  • Line Dance
  • Core/Stretch
  • Barre
  • CardioFit
  • Kettleball
  • Tai Chi
  • Step Aerobics
  • Parent and Tot Fitness
  • Gravity

“We want you to participate in classes that spark your passion,” says Sherry. “When you choose exercise you enjoy, you’ll be more consistent and achieve your fitness goals faster.”

What the Y group fitness classes are like

“Walk into a YMCA Health and Fitness Centre and you’ll often hear music, laughter, encouragement, and sounds of celebration coming from our group fitness classes,” says Sherry. “It’s an energy you can’t find anywhere else.”

Each class takes you one step closer to reaching your fitness goals and allows you to connect with a wonderful, diverse community of like-minded people.

How to join a group fitness class at the YMCA of Greater Toronto

To find a group fitness class, visit Find a Y, then select your centre of community location and check the schedule. Or, if you're a member, download the YGTA Shine On Health & Fitness App for schedules and to book a spot.

We can’t wait to welcome you to our group fitness classes!


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