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How to put the finishing touches on your résumé

19 August 2020 - by YMCA of Greater Toronto
Creating a résumé can be frustrating. What do employers look for? How do you capture your skills? What if you're changing careers? We asked our experts from YMCA Employment Services to weigh in. This is the final blog in a four-part series they created to answer all of these questions and more.

Employers receive hundreds or even thousands of résumés. It’s impossible to closely review each. Just one way they whittle down the pile is by discarding those that, from a quick glance, look untidy. Here are a few tips to help you edit and finalize your résumé so it stands out from the pack!

1. Review the content of your résumé

First things first: have you read the first three blogs in our résumé-writing series? Make sure you’ve chosen the right format, included the right information, and tailored your résumé to the specific job you’re applying for.

Second, go through your résumé line by line and make sure there are no spelling, grammar, or punctuation mistakes. This extremely important step demonstrates your written communication skills, attention to detail, and that you care about the quality of your work. It’s an easy way for you to shine and demonstrate your skills!

2. Make your résumé job-focused

If you completed part three of this series, your résumé should already be focused and relevant to the job posting. Take some time away from your résumé and come back to it with fresh eyes. Ask yourself if it clearly conveys what you can offer this employer — how your experience and skills will be valuable at their organization. Make sure you’ve included work experience that’s relevant to their business.

3. Ensure it's easy to read

Present the information in your résumé in a clear, easy-to-follow layout.

  • Use a simple font, like Times New Roman

  • Set the size to 11- or 12-pt font

  • Bold headings to make them stand out

  • Leave some white space so the pages aren’t crowded with text

  • Stick to a maximum of two pages

4. Get a (free) proof-reader

It’s hard to catch mistakes in your own writing. When someone else looks at your résumé, they might catch things you missed. YMCA Employment Specialists can not only point out typos; they can also help you format your résumé, ensure you’re including (and leaving out) all the right information, and so much more. Best of all: their services are completely free.

With every part of this four-piece blog series under your belt, you should now have a résumé that makes your skills and experience shine! If you need help putting on the finishing touches, check out one of our free workshops or book your free appointment with a YMCA Employment Specialist.


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