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Self Assessment Quiz

This quiz can be a valuable first step towards getting professional help and treatment if you are worried about a gambling problem. This self-assessment is based on the Canadian Problem Gambling Index. It is not intended to be used for diagnosis, treatment, or referral services. Individuals should contact their personal physician and/or their local addiction or mental health agency for further information.

Gambling Self-Assessment Quiz

Help and Support

If you are concerned about your gaming/gambling or that of someone you know, the following support services are free and confidential.

Connex Ontario

Addiction, Mental Health, and Problem Gambling.



Help for family and friends

Problem Gambling

Technology Use Treatment Services

Is Gaming taking over your life?

Are you concerned about a loved one’s gaming? Game Quitters provides help and support services for problem video gaming


Gaming and Technology Use


Post-Secondary Student Helpline


Children’s Mental Health Ontario

Addiction, Mental Health, and Problem Gambling


Find mental health and addiction services in your community

Addiction, Mental Health, and Problem Gambling


Additional Educational Materials

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