Monitoring and recalibrating our plan

As our world continues to change on what often feels like a daily or even hourly basis, crafting a plan to guide our charity for the next five years has been challenging. From the start, we knew Ignite the Light would need to be flexible so our YMCA could continue to adapt to new needs as they evolve.

To that end, we will use a number of tools and checkpoints to monitor our progress against our strategy and recalibrate our plans as needed.

1. Key performance indicators

A set of six key performance indicators (KPIs) has been developed that our charity will track and report on over the course of Ignite the Light:

  • Subjective well-being (self-reported) of YMCA program participants
  • YMCA participants’ perception of the YMCA’s contribution to their well-being
  • Net promoter score (participants’ likelihood of recommending the Y to others)
  • Number of registered participants in YMCA programs
  • Number of unregistered participants in YMCA programs (e.g., workshops and drop-ins)
  • Number of YMCA locations

2. A phased approach

We will deliver on Ignite the Light in two phases. The first spans the initial 24 months of the five-year period, when we will continue to respond to and recover from the pandemic. A built-in checkpoint will help us take stock of our progress and make adjustments as needed before heading into the second phase, which encompasses the following three years.