Guided by this strategic direction, we will:

1. Deepen collaborations across Y teams, the Y
    network, and with external partners

3. Develop a new volunteer strategy

2. Design and assess programs with insights from
    researchers, delivery experts, and community

4. Deliver a consistent, positive participant
    experience through innovation and relationship

Program excellence and innovation have always been central to our YMCA’s work. Over time, we’ve struck a balance between reinforcing our strengths and adapting our offerings to the needs of our unique time and place.

Today, as technology, social expectations, and our communities continue to change rapidly, it’s more urgent than ever that we keep adapting and innovating for impact and relevance. Over the next five years, we plan to realize these ambitions through collaboration both within and beyond our YMCA; by taking new approaches to program design and evaluation; by investing in our 5000+ volunteers; and by ensuring every connection we make with our community members is positive and rewarding.

Why it matters


53,517 members and program participants received financial assistance to access YMCA programs in 2019-20. The YMCA delivered over $5 million in financial assistance that year.


In 2019, there were YMCA members and participants in 93% of postal codes across the GTA.


5,355 volunteers dedicated their time and talents to building vibrant communities through the YMCA in 2019-20.