Champion diversity, social
connection, and belonging


  1. Embody inclusion and kindness and advocate for them in our communities

  2. Create new programs for and build communities among older adults

  3. Promote community resilience for climate, health, and other emergencies

  4. Create more equitable outcomes for staff and participants through a renewed Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion plan


Address key


  1. Prioritize the mental health of our participants, volunteers, and staff

  2. Deliver and advocate for more high-quality, affordable child care

  3. Create more and fairer housing options for older adults and youth

  4. Help those disadvantaged in finding employment, especially youth, navigate the uncertain labour market


Reach people in
new ways


  1. Grow our digital programs and communities, and make them accessible and inclusive

  2. Open new YMCA Centres of Community

  3. Expand beyond our walls and bring the YMCA to new and non- traditional places

  4. Adapt existing Centres to meet new health standards


Evolve the ways
we work


  1. Deepen collaborations across Y teams, the Y network, and with external partners

  2. Design and assess programs with insights from researchers, delivery experts, and community members

  3. Develop a new volunteer strategy

  4. Deliver a consistent, positive participant experience through innovation and relationship building

Strategic Enablers

• Healthy, Engaged, & Inclusive Workforce     • Technology & Digital Transformation     • Philanthropy
• Positioning & Advocacy     • Financial Sustainability

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