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Give Monthly

As a monthly donor, your gifts will make the biggest impact on your community.

Benefits of Giving Monthly

You’ll make long-term, sustained impact
Monthly donations give the Y predictability and stability. When we can rely on monthly gifts, we can plan and deliver programs with more certainty, and with an eye for the longer-term. In other words, our monthly donors help us make deeper, sustained investments in our communities, using a planned approach to support our communities in the ways it’s needed most.

It’s the most streamlined giving option
Monthly gifts are automated, and you will receive a single, consolidated receipt at the end of the year for your tax return. This means monthly gifts take less paper, postage, time, and resources to process. Our YMCA’s administrative costs are reduced, and, in turn, more dollars go towards programming and supporting your community.

Monthly gifts help donors make a sustained impact, with affordable payments
Monthly gifts also allow donors to make a meaningful investment in their community, doled out in affordable payments. Giving monthly allows you to budget and plan more effectively: donations are processed on the first or fifteenth of each month and you can change or cancel your gift at any time.

Contact Us

For more information, or for assistance with making your gift, please contact us at 647-960-1109 or