YMCA Canada

The YMCA of Greater Toronto is part of YMCA Canada. As a federation of 45 YMCAs and five YMCA-YWCAs across the country, YMCA Canada has three primary goals:

  • To foster the development of strong Member Associations and encourage collaborative initiative
  • To protect and enhance the reputation of the YMCA 
  • To advocate on behalf of Member Associations regionally, nationally, and internationally

Together, YMCAs across Canada serve 2 million people in more than 1,000 communities. All local associations are members of YMCA Canada, which works to strengthen associations and advocate on their behalf, regionally, nationally, and internationally.

YMCA Canada's Organizational Structure

YMCA Canada is governed by a national voluntary Board of Directors, which oversees national plans and priorities. YMCAs across the country nominate volunteer board members. YMCA Canada’s President and Chief Executive Officer is accountable to the Board for national operations.

To learn more about YMCA Canada, contact us at (416) 967-9622 or by email at services@ymca.ca. You can also visit the YMCA Canada website.

YMCA Ontario Regional Development Centre

The YMCA of Greater Toronto performs the function of the YMCA Ontario Regional Development Centre (YMCA Ontario) on behalf of YMCA Canada. An essential part of the YMCA Federation Development Network, YMCA Ontario is accountable for the envelope of strategic support services focusing on the overall health, governance, leadership, fiscal sustainability, and growth of the YMCAs and YMCA-YWCAs in our region.