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How We Help

Our donors help the Y invest in neighbourhoods over the long term, sustainably delivering the core programs people rely on us for: child care, health and fitness, camps, and employment and immigrant services. But as our communities grow and change, so do we. Donations enable our Y to be responsive, adapting to meet the unique needs of our time.

Proven programs meeting urgent needs

Across our network of 440+ locations, the YMCA of Greater Toronto provides:
  • Shelters and drop-in centres where youth experiencing homelessness find a warm meal, safe place to sleep, and wrap-around supports.
  • Immigrant settlement services that help newcomers find work, develop their language skills, and learn about their new home.
  • Child care programs that enable parents to pursue their careers or education while their kids learn and grow in the care of trained experts.
  • Health and fitness programs that help people of all ages and abilities support their physical and mental health.
  • Camping and outdoor education programs that connect people with nature and help push them out of their comfort zones.
  • Employment services that support job seekers navigating our precarious labour market.

Making an impact where it's needed most, for the people who need it most

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Donations support our charity's research-backed approach to addressing critical issues and serving vulnerable groups in the GTA.

In planning our programs, services, and facilities, we take steps to determine a neighbourhood’s needs. We evaluate the area’s demographic composition, current health of the community, and viability of operating a Y in the area long term. Through this work, we identify specific groups that could benefit from access to YMCA services, such as newcomers, residents living on a low income, young families, youth at risk, and older adults.

Why it matters

Our research shows where there’s a Y, there’s better well-being. The whole community — both people who use our programs and those who don’t — experience better well-being, general and mental health, and a stronger sense of belonging when there’s a Y in their neighbourhood.

YMCA members are 19% more likely to have high life satisfaction.


Support causes you care about

Our donors support a wide range of YMCA programs and projects, investing in their local communities and making a difference in ways that are important to them. Find the cause that’s right for you.