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Youth Opioids Awareness Program

Join the conversation about the opioid crisis with the Youth Opioid Awareness Program.

The program aligns with the health and physical education curriculum for grades 9 to 12 in Ontario, Newfoundland & Labrador, and British Columbia.

Learn about opioids, prevention, recovery and how you can help protect yourself and your community. Offering interactive and engaging workshops, the YOAP aims to increase awareness about opioids in youth ages 15–24 via harm reduction in an enjoyable way through activities such as escape rooms, crafts, and more. The program offers workshop sessions that maintain full confidentiality and are available in person and online.

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Let's Discuss - Intro to Opioids

Discover what opioids are, how the opioid crisis came to be and why they pose a threat to our communities. Recognize the signs of opioid overdose, learn how to practise safe using, get coping and harm reduction strategies, and find out how to get support.

Let's Discuss - Toxic Drugs

Discover the truth about the increasing number of deaths from opioid overdoses. Learn about the different types of toxic drugs, where they come from and their effects. Understand the dangers of mixing substances with opioids. Learn about how to protect yourself from overdosing.

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Let's Discuss - Addiction and Opioid Use Disorder

Discover the real reason addiction happens. Understand the signs and symptoms of addiction and how opioids differ from other substances in this disease. Learn about the signs of withdrawal and how to support your recovery and treatment, and protect yourself against Opioid Use Disorder (OUD).

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Let's Discuss - How to Help Someone with an Addiction

Discover how to communicate with a person suffering from a substance use disorder. Learn the signs of substance abuse disorder and how to offer support. Learn about how to start and maintain recovery and how to overcome common barriers to recovery. Understand how to support a person who struggles  with a substance abuse disorder.


Let's Discuss - Naloxone

Discover the signs of an opioid overdose and what increases the risk of overdosing. Learn about naloxone and its effects on your body. Be prepared to respond to an overdose by learning the steps to using a naloxone kit and about the Good Samaritan Drug Overdose Act.  

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Let's Discuss - Stigma

Discover how stigma can affect the path to recovery of a person who uses. Learn the definition and examples of stigma and how it relates to Opioid Use Disorder. Learn how to manage and end the stigma around opioids and how to be aware of your own attitudes, stereotypes and beliefs about opioid use.

Attend Our Workshops

Save the date! Easily register with the calendar below and add the workshop to your personal calendar. The YOAP respects privacy. No sign-up is required for the “Let’s Talk” or “Let’s Discuss” sessions.

Workshops in Ontario

In-person sessions

Virtual sessions
Workshops in Newfoundland and Labrador

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Workshops in British Columbia

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Are you a teacher or a counsellor and interested in having us host a workshop?
Contact us at for information about our workshop sessions and how they can be adapted to your group of youth.

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National Resources
Phone Number
National Overdose Response Service (NORS)

This is a number individuals can call when using opioids. It is anonymous. A person will stay on the line and call a designated person or emergency services if the individual who is using experiences an overdose.
Brave App

This app provides overdose prevention so individuals do not have to use alone.
Toward The Heart
A great resource for information on naloxone, opioids and other substances.
Ontario Resources
EmailPhone Number
Breaking Free Online
Breaking Free Online is an OHIP rehabilitation program that is free to access for residents in Ontario. It provides recovery support 24-7 and it is completely confidential.
True North Addiction Medicine Program

With over 100 clinics across Ontario, True North provides same day assessment and treatment both in-person and virtually. covered by OHIP with no appointment and no referral needed.
ConnexOntario provides free and confidential health services information for people experiencing problems with alcohol and drugs, mental illness or gambling by connecting them with services in their area. They can refer you to medical professionals in your area.
Health 811

Get connected to health care 24/7. The service can provide information about nearby health services, give health advice, and provide more information about the mental health support provided in Ontario.

Newfoundland & Labrador Resources
Phone Number
Speak to a registered nurse 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They can help direct to resources to suit your health care needs including mental health and addiction services.
Bridge the Gapp
An inclusive, online resource for youth, to provide support for mental wellness.
NL Opioid Dependence Treatment Line

This line is for individuals looking for support for their opioid use, as well as family members and health care professionals.

757-SWAP (7927)www.acnl.netSafe Works Access Program. Provides free and confidential services which include: injection supplies, inhalation supplies, needle disposal, naloxone kits and training, fentanyl test strips and more harm reduction supplies.
Naloxone Kit Locations
A list of locations where individuals can obtain a naloxone kit, free of charge.
British Columbia Resources
Phone Number
BC Alcohol and Drug Information and Referral Services
1-800-663-1441 – Toll-free anywhere in BC. Available 24 hour a day
Alcohol & Drug Information Referral Service (ADIRS) provides free, confidential information and referral services to British Columbians in need of support with any kind of substance use issue (including alcohol or other drugs). Information available from ADIRS includes prevention resources, support groups, and addiction-related topics such as fetal alcohol syndrome.
Health Link BC


8-1-1 is a free-of-charge provincial health information and advice phone line available in British Columbia. By calling 8-1-1, you can speak to a health service navigator, who can help you find health information and services; or connect you directly with a registered nurse, a registered dietitian, a qualified exercise professional, or a pharmacist.
Recovery Services Government Website
Recovery services and treatment support links
Life Guard App
This app was created for use within British Columbia. The app is activated by the user before they take their dose. After 50 seconds the app will sound an alarm. If the user doesn’t hit a button to stop the alarm, indicating they are fine, the alarm grows louder. After 75 seconds a text-to-voice call will go straight to 9-1-1, alerting emergency medical dispatchers of a potential overdose.
BC211 – 211
211 is a free and confidential service that connects people to helpful and vital resources in their communities. They provide information and referral to a broad range of community, government, and social services that assist with: basic needs such as food and shelter, mental health and addictions support, legal and financial assistance, support for seniors and more
BC Mental Health and Substance Use Services is a website from within the province of BC that acts as a search engine specifically for mental health and substance use resources.